Skin Peel With Nano Laser in Englewood Cliffs, NJ


NanoLaserPeel™ is a short-downtime, light treatment that removes the top most layer of the stratum corneum (less than 10um) returning the natural smoothness and lustrous glow of the skin.

A NanoLaserPeel requires only topical anesthetic and has very short down time with most patients returning to work on Monday with refreshed, luminous skin… hence it is sometimes called a ‘weekend peel.’

Unlike chemical peels with downtime dependent on exposure time and consistency of chemical formulation, a NanoLaserPeel from Sciton’s erbium technology can be tuned independently for depth and coagulation to achieve the results and downtime desired. NanoLaserPeel is also a perfect introduction to laser treatments for any patient interested in the newest an easy, precise way to get smoother, brighter skin.

Nanolaser Peel™ Before & After Photos