Radiesse in Englewood Cliffs, NJ


When you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you can successfully trim years off of your appearance. Dermal fillers like Radiesse are a non-invasive way of achieving this goal. By the same token, Radiesse is an effective treatment for turning back time on your hands, by restoring youthful volume and minimizing the appearance of protruding veins due to thinning skin and tissue loss. In fact, Radiesse is the only approved filler that works to rejuvenate both your hands and lower face to give you a more vibrant, radiant appearance overall.


Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that contains the active ingredient calcium hydroxylapatite. This substance is naturally found in your teeth and bones. When it is injected into the face or hands, the calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres provide the support needed by the underlying dermal structure to produce immediate correction and volume in the treatment area. The substance also offers benefits over time as it stimulates the body to produce more collagen, which acts as a natural skin support over time.


There are different reasons why many of our patients choose Radiesse over other dermal fillers today:

  • Results last up to 24 months
  • Improves even deep creases around the nose and mouth
  • Restores collagen for a naturally youthful appearance
  • Adds volume to the skin and definition to facial features
  • Nonsurgical anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment


Radiesse works well on even deeper folds in the skin that are not sufficiently addressed with other types of dermal fillers. In addition to providing immediate smoothing of the lines, the ability to stimulate collagen production ensures patients that undergo Radiesse injections will experience natural and long-lasting benefits.

Reversing aging symptoms is not the only way Radiesse can be used. This filler is also an effective option for a procedure known as a liquid rhinoplasty or nonsurgical nose enhancement. The filler can be used to augment weak areas of the nose, correct asymmetries and create a more attractive profile overall.


The hands are a major focal point for aging, as sun exposure and collagen loss can affect the skin in this area as well. The skin on the backs of the hands is particularly vulnerable to damage, resulting in thinning skin and loss of underlying tissue that leads to the protrusion of vessels and an aged appearance. Radiesse restores youthful volume to the hands, creating a smoother look and reducing the appearance of prominent veins.

To ensure you are a good candidate for these injections, Dr. Mordkovich will analyze the condition of the skin on your hands. He will inject the product into the underlying dermal layers between the vessels to create a fuller effect and reduce the appearance of the veins. If thinning and volume loss are moderate, a numbing cream may be offered to ensure your comfort during your procedure.


Radiesse is injected into areas of the hands or face in need of correction. If necessary, a numbing cream will be applied before your treatment to prevent any discomfort while we administer the injections. Multiple injections are usually required to fully cover the treatment area and produce even results. After the injections are completed, Dr. Mordkovich will massage the gel into the treatment area to produce a smooth, even result.


There is no recovery needed after your Radiesse treatment, but we ask that you wait to perform any strenuous activity for a few days to avoid breaking down the solution prematurely. Radiesse results last for 18 to 24 months, and then the body will start to break down the formula. At this time, you can schedule another treatment session to maintain your positive new look.

Radiesse is a versatile treatment that can turn back time on both the face and the hands. For more information on this dermal filler, call Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery today at 201-751-9490.

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