Restylane in Englewood Cliffs, NJ


This extensive line of dermal fillers is specifically designed to combat signs of aging naturally and beautifully. All of the products in the Restylane family contain hyaluronic acid as their base, a sugar that occurs naturally in the body and supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture and hydration. When injected into the underlying dermal layers, Restylane provides the assistance the skin’s structure needs to maintain a soft, supple appearance. With a myriad of formulations to choose from, you can rest assured there is a Restylane product to address your concerns and help you reach your aesthetic goals.


There are many different products in the Restylane family, and we offer all of them to help our patients look their best at every stage of life:

  • RESTYLANE-L is used to restore volume around the mouth and nose. This formula works for patients with moderate sagging and wrinkles. Dr. Mordkovich can also use this product for thinning lips to improve fullness and shape.
  • RESTYLANE SILK is a smooth and silky formula that’s known for its natural look and feel, even in delicate areas like the lips and underneath the eyes. While Restylane is an option for lip fullness and line definition, this filler is the perfect solution for misshapen lip borders and thinning. It also reduces the appearance of smoker’s lines and fills in the tear trough area under the eyes to reduce dark circles and other symptoms of tired eyes.
  • RESTYLANE LYFT is one of the most popular of the Restylane line since it is the most effective in restoring youthful volume to areas like the midface and along the jawline. This formulation can enhance definition in your cheeks while reducing the early formation of jowls along the jawline. This product is similar to Juvederm Voluma in terms of how it works and the results it produces. Dr. Mordkovich offers both of these options to his patients.
  • RESTYLANE DEFYNE is one of the newest fillers in the Restylane line. This filler smooths out deep lines around the mouth including marionette lines and smile lines (vertical creases that develop in the corners of the mouth). While this area is quite sensitive during injections, an addition of lidocaine to the Restylane Defyne formula enhances patient comfort during treatment. Results from the injectable take about one month to develop and then last for six to nine months.
  • RESTYLANE REFYNE was introduced with Defyne and is used to treat the same areas. The lighter formulation is an optimal choice for lines and creases that are less pronounced. Formulated with a cross-linking technology to soften the face naturally, Restylane Refyne reduces aging symptoms without preventing you from making natural facial expressions.


With different formulations to choose from, the Restylane product line is equipped to address a broad range of aging concerns including:

  • Volume loss in the midface, leading to loss of cheek definition and hollowing
  • Lines running from nose to mouth, known as nasolabial folds
  • Wrinkles that start at the corners of the mouth and run down the chin (marionette lines)
  • Vertical lines above the lips referred to as lipstick or smoker’s lines
  • Lips that are disproportionately thin or asymmetrical
  • Dark circles and hollowing underneath the eyes
  • Skin that has been damaged by the sun and other factors 


While Restylane formulations address a myriad of aging symptoms, these products are not the best choice for everyone. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to ensuring you see the optimal results from your treatment, so we offer a variety of treatment options that allow us to customize solutions to the precise issues of each of our patients. If Restylane fillers are not right for you, we have alternatives that may be more efficient in producing the results you desire.


Most of our patients do not need any anesthetic before their injections, we do provide topical numbing cream for patients have sensitive areas treated or those concerned about their comfort level during their procedure. Injections are placed in strategic locations throughout the treatment area to produce even, natural results.

You won’t have to schedule any recovery time after your Restylane treatment; in fact, you will be back to your routine as soon as your procedure is over. Mild bruising and swelling around the injections sites are rare, and if they do occur, they typically subside within a matter of hours. You should see your results right away, which will last many months depending on the formulation used and the treatment area. At that time, you can opt to schedule another treatment session to maintain your more youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers reverse aging signs by smoothing your wrinkles and creating a strong base of support in the underlying dermal layers. If you are interested in learning more about the Restylane line of fillers, now is the time to contact Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery at 201-751-9490.