Neck Lift


Neck Lift


The neck is often the first area that begins to show signs of aging. It may start with the accumulation of submental fat forming underneath the jawline, giving the appearance of a double chin. Skin also becomes lax and loose, causing what is sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck.” Finally, horizontal creases or banding develop around the neck, coupled with isolated deposits of fat that both contribute to the aged look. Instead of turning to turtlenecks to hide these aging symptoms, surgical solutions are available to reverse the aging process and produce a more youthful appearance to the neck.


Just because you’re no longer in your early 30s doesn’t mean you can’t look it. A rhytidectomy or facelift is the solution you’ll find most efficient in smoothing thinning skin, lifting weakened muscle supports, and addressing shifting of facial fat. For early signs of aging, Dr. Mordkovich does recommend and use nonsurgical anti-aging treatments, such as Ultherapy, laser skin rejuvenation and injectables to prolong your youthful appearance. However, when these procedures no longer provide the results you are looking for, a facelift may be the next step.



A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that can be performed in a variety of ways, depending on the precise needs and desired results of the individual. The three primary components of this procedure might include liposuction, cervicoplasty, and platysmaplasty.

    Liposuction is used to eliminate submental fat in the neck underneath the jawline that produce the appearance of a double chin. Dr. Mordkovich can shape a more chiseled jawline for our male patients, and a soft feminine look for our female patients as fat is removed, and the jawline is carefully sculpted. Those that have thinner necks will particularly benefit from these liposculpture techniques as Dr. Mordkovich can use them to create a smoother contour from the jawline.
    Dr. Mordkovich can address horizontal banding through plastysmaplasty, which is the reshaping of the platysmal muscle. Dr. Mordkovich will stretch and tighten this muscle, so you no longer see prominent cords in the neck. Often, the platysma is joined at the center of the neck and stitched together, or a portion of the muscle might even be trimmed down to provide optimal tightness in the neck.
    Finally, cervicoplasty is the process of excision to get rid of stretched, loose skin. Incisions are made at the hairline, temple and behind the ear with the intention of minimizing visible scarring after the procedure. Dr. Mordkovich then repositions the fallen tissue before lifting and smoothing the skin into a more youthful position.

Neck Banding and Your Genes

The platysma muscle is the large muscle that covers the neck starting at the jawline and lower face and running below the collarbone into the chest. Neck bands are a result of the splitting in your platysma muscle, due to excessive stretching and shrinking of the tissue. It doesn’t happen to everyone; your rate of neck aging will be based on numerous factors, including your genetic makeup, how you exercise your neck muscles and the distribution of fat in the neck area.

No matter what variables you might attribute to those changes in the appearance of your neck, Dr. Mordkovich can contour and rejuvenate this area. His years of experience in surgical face and neck lifts provide outstanding resultfor patients that feel self-conscious about a “turkey neck” or other signs of aging in this area.


A neck lift works at the deepest point of your muscular structure in your neck, so a recovery period will be needed to allow your body time to heal fully. It’s important that you schedule about two weeks of vacation from work to allow ample time for rest. All surgical drains and non-dissolvable stitches will be removed a few days post-surgery, at the time of your follow-up appointment with Dr. Mordkovich. He and his staff will also be available to answer any questions or address concerns that might arise throughout your recovery process.

A neck lift offers long-lasting results, with most patients enjoying their more youthful appearance for many years. Dr. Mordkovich will also recommend nonsurgical maintenance treatments to enhance and extend your results, and offer tips for optimal skin care to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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