Mommy Makeover


Mommy Makeover


Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and everything else that comes along with being a mom can cause a lot of chages to your body. With all that you do, there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself every now and then. A lot of women tend to feel self concious after having kids, and come to the realization that their bodies do not bounce back as effortlessly as they used to. Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery's expert cosmetic surgeon can give you back your confidence and body with a Mommy Makeover.


A Mommy Makeover consists of a combination of procedures all wrapped up into one. Dr. Mordkovich personalizes each procedure to his patients needs. Mommy makeovers involvea a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or breast lift, and liposuction contouring of the flanks and thighs if needed. This procedure restores abdominal, breast, and leg contour changes that occur post-pregnancy in one single operation in order to give your body a beautiful, natural, look. Whether you want to get your old body back or just fit better into your clothes and bathing suits, Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey is the perfect place for you. Our goal is to make sure you smile when you see yourself in the mirror.



For most, starting a family or bringing a baby into the world is the best feeling you could imagine. However, it often leads to women feeling unsatisfied with their bodies. Breastfeeding after pregnancy takes an even bigger toll on your body. There are many ways both pregnancy and breastfeeding can change you appearance:

    A permanent bulge in the midsection, caused by stretched abdominal muscles
    Areas of fat in the middle that don’t respond to diet and exercise efforts
    Stretch marks that form across the abdomen due to the expansion of the uterus
    Skin laxity around the middle as skin fails to conform to your post-baby shape
    Sagging breasts, sometimes accompanied by nipples that point downward
    Breasts that lose their youthful volume and look deflated


During your initial consultation, Dr. Mordkovich will take a generous amount of time to discuss your desired outcome. Each of these procedures will modified to fit your wants and or needs. Dr. Mordkovich is experienced and skilled in both breast augmentation and abdominal contouring. He is more than qualified to give you your dream post-pregancy body. Our 3D imaging system by Crisalix will be able to help you visualize your results before surgery.


A mommy makeover is a combination of a variety of procedures. These procedures are specifically designed to address the issues women commonly experience after having children. The treatments included in the surgery will be customized to the wants and needs of the individual patient. Some of the procedures that are commonly suggested with a Mommy Makeover include:

  • TUMMY TUCK (Abdominoplasty) Removes excess skin and tissue from the midsection while tightening loose abdominal muscles to flatten to abdomen and create a smoother appearance.

  • BREAST AUGMENTATION Implants are typically used to restore or enhance the size and fullness of the breasts and create a more feminine body contour.

  • BREAST LIFT Repositions sagging breasts to a perkier, more youthful position on the chest while removing loose skin to create a smoother breast contour.

  • Recovery from your breast enhancement will take one to two weeks, while tummy tuck recuperation is usually closer to three weeks. We will give you pain medication for the first few days to in order to keep you comfortable, and compression garments to help manage post-operative swelling. Incision care is essential after these procedures to minimize scarring. You will receive instructions on how to care for your incisions in the weeks following surgery. Once you have fully healed from your mommy makeover, you will love your aesthetic enhancements that are long-lasting.

    If you're in need of a cosmetic surgeon in the New York or New Jersey area, contact Dr. Boris Mordkovich at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery today. As a leading restoration and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mordkovich has performed thousands of successful mommy makeover surgeries in Manhattan, Englewood Cliffs, North Caldwell, Haddonfield, Woodcliff, Rumson, Westfield, Ramsey, Cresskill, Glen Rock, Roseland, and the surrounding areas.

    Dr. Mordkovich is recognized as a Top Doc by Real Self and is known for natural looking results from mommy makeovers and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery is conviently located in Bergen County New Jersey, just a quick ride from anywhere in the Tri-State area.