Gynecomastia is a distressing medical condition characterized by an increase in glandular breast tissue and fat in the pectoral area of men. Gynecomastia affects men and boys at different stages of their development, sometimes presenting at birth or in puberty. In other instances, adult males notice the formation of additional breast tissue as they age.

Whether you have had enlarged breasts for some time or recently noticed an increase in breast size, we can help you understand the cause and find a solution. Our goal at Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery is not only to provide cosmetic enhancement but to identify the underlying cause of changes so that we can offer permanent treatment solutions. Gynecomastia surgery is designed to create a more masculine chest contour, improving both your appearance and your self-esteem.


The cause of gynecomastia is often hormonal imbalance, where an excess of estrogen combined with a decrease in testosterone results in feminine development to the male body. Dr. Mordkovich will begin gynecomastia treatment with blood tests that pinpoint endocrine or hormone levels, to achieve an accurate diagnosis of your condition. If hormone levels are normal, the cause of your breast growth may be fat accumulation, a condition known as pseudogynecomastia. Dr. Mordkovich can also treat pseudogynecomastia at his surgical facility.

When gynecomastia persists over many years, it can have a profound emotional and psychological impact on your life. Fortunately, there are surgical treatments available to reverse gynecomastia and restore your masculine physique and self-confidence.



The procedure to reduce gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia starts in our surgical suite with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Guidelines are drawn on the breast based on the incision approach and the final goal to reduce glandular tissue, extra fat and loose skin. The areola may also be resized during the procedure if it is disproportionately large.

    Dr. Mordkovich uses two different incisions for this surgery, depending on how much reduction and correction you require. The least conspicuous extends around the areola in the pigmented area where it will not be noticeable. If an additional incision is needed, it will be carefully placed within the natural folds of the skin to keep visible scarring to a minimum after your procedure. Through the incisions, Dr. Mordkovich removes the excess tissue and skin to sculpt a flatter chest contour.
    If fat is the primary culprit in the breast enlargement, liposuction may be used to produce a more attractive chest shape. This treatment involves tiny incisions, in which a tube is inserted to loosen the fat cells and remove them from the body. The incisions are too small to leave much visible scarring, while the removed tissue leaves a smoother, more masculine upper body profile. When liposuction is performed alone, the recovery tends to be shorter than what is required after excision surgery.


Gynecomastia is typically identified by an excess of glandular tissue, sometimes accompanied by loose skin or enlarged areolas. Breast reduction surgery is the standard method of treatment for this condition, with the goal of reducing excess tissue and creating symmetry between the breasts. Breast tissue accumulation can happen on one side or the other, and some men see sagging or a dramatic shape change in the chest, so we use male breast reduction to sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing chest profile.

In cases where gynecomastia does not resolve on its own, surgical intervention may be the only way to reverse this condition. Fortunately, male breast reduction performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Mordkovich produces permanent, natural results for the majority of his patients.


Since male breast reduction is an outpatient surgery, you will be returning home a brief time after your procedure. You will have a compression garment covering the chest to reduce swelling and promote healthy blood flow to the area. Pain medication will also be prescribed to keep you comfortable in the first few days of your recovery. It is typical to resume normal daily activities within one to two weeks, although you should avoid the gym for an additional two to four weeks to give your chest ample time to heal completely.

You will see the preliminary outcome of your breast reduction surgery right away, and they will continue to improve as you recuperate from your procedure. As long as you maintain a healthy level of exercise and a stable weight, your results should be permanent. Your new upper body profile will make you feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance, even at the beach or during intimate moments with your partner.

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