Breast Reconstruction


Breast Reconstruction


Breast cancer treatments can take a major physical toll on the body and spirit. To help women feel they’ve taken back their lives from this disease, we offer breast reconstruction to restore a piece of what they’ve lost. This procedure helps women to regain their femininity and their sense of identity. At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, we understand how difficult this decision can be for many cancer survivors, and are prepared to help women have a positive experience and achieve the best possible results from their reconstruction procedure.


When you lose a breast after a mastectomy, it can be difficult psychologically to recover from the loss. However, breast reconstruction can offer a solution to get through this difficult time in your life without losing your identity as a woman. We know that the decision to reconstruct your breasts is a personal one that you’ve taken some time to consider.

While there are a few nonsurgical options, such as a prosthesis, many of our patients struggle with the idea of getting used to the weight and unnatural feel; they’re also uncomfortable to wear at times and are a bit unstable. A breast reconstruction can open the door to post-mastectomy possibilities you didn’t know were available, allowing you to feel complete and feminine once again.



Breast reconstruction is a beautiful and metamorphosing experience for our female patients. We will take the time to explain each detail and provide plans to show you what to expect from these reconstruction results. We offer two methods for breast reconstruction:

    Reconstruction supported by the use of implants and partial harvested tissue
    Reconstruction supported by the use of implants and partial harvested tissue


The ideal candidate for breast reconstruction is someone that is ready to undertake the various phases of the process, and who understands the steps and methods required to create the right breast shape for them. A positive outlook on the results is a plus, backed by the motivation to do their research and be an active participant throughout. Patients that have explored their options are ready to ask questions and are perfect for this procedure at Cross Hudson. Our team will work with you so that you understand what the experience will be like for you, but it’s important that you speak with both your general practitioner and oncologist to make sure you’re able to have breast reconstruction. Dr. Mordkovich will also work with your oncologist throughout the process.


At Cross Hudson Plastic Surgery, our methods primarily focus on reconstruction using implants and tissue expansion. For those who have not elected to have radiation or are not at that stage yet, breast reconstruction using tissue expansion is a viable option post-mastectomy. To begin, Dr. Mordkovich places a sub-muscular saline implant with an expander that allows him to add volume via saline to the implant. Once we’ve reached the desired size of the reconstructed breast, the expander is removed in a second procedure to be replaced with a stronger silicone implant. Balancing both breasts can be done through a reduction or lift as this process is completed on the other breast.

To complete the procedure, we offer patients the option to reconstruct the nipple-areola complex by forming the nipple from a tissue flap and then tattooing the areola onto the skin. Creating tissue flaps requires excess tissue taken from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen. All transplanted tissue also transfers blood supply with it, which requires a special micro procedure to reconnect the vessels so that circulation can continue through that tissue.

At Cross Hudson, we provide comprehensive reconstruction that takes into account balance, contouring and aesthetic beauty. In addition, we also offer correction of asymmetrical breast tissues for those that have undergone a lumpectomy during their breast cancer treatments.

We don’t stress any particular time frame for breast reconstruction because it depends entirely on you and your feelings about the procedure. It is best to do a breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy, but our patients tend to wait a few months on average. We do however require that you’ve completed all chemotherapy treatments. Implants are the preferred method after chemotherapy for reconstruction.
Based on the surgical process, we recommend about two to three weeks away from work for recovery. You’ll likely need two procedures if you decide on implants, since the saline implant will need filling and the tissue expander replaced by the permanent implant. This two to three week recovery period is after each procedure, so please take that into account, and Dr. Mordkovich will tell you what that timeline looks like for you.

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