Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift


A fuller backside is in vogue today, with plenty of celebrities flaunting their well-endowed booties to the world. If your buttocks do not have the volume you would like, or if you have lost volume in the derriere due to aging and other factors, there are surgical solutions that can help. As the popularity of buttock augmentation has grown, so have your options for creating the sensual curves to fill out your favorite jeans.


The Brazilian butt lift is an innovative form of buttock augmentation that utilizes liposuction to remove fat cells from the thighs, abdomen or another area so that they can be injected into the buttocks to add the full curves you are seeking. Previously, a traditional lift of the buttocks was for patients who were starting to see a natural sagging due to loss of muscle tissue and skin integrity with age. The procedure could also be used to trim up buttocks that had become disproportionately large over time. Essentially, the traditional lift did not add volume but reshaped what you already had and removed any excess that had formed.

The Brazilian butt lift has also replaced the traditional method of buttock augmentation using implants for many of our patients. Because the Brazilian butt lift eliminates fat from problem areas that have not responded to diet and exercise alone, you have the advantage of sculpting those areas while enhancing the buttocks at the same time. The Brazilian butt lift often focuses creating a smaller waistline to complement your fuller buttocks, producing the coveted hourglass figure that is considered preferable from an aesthetic standpoint today.



A Brazilian butt lift is less invasive than traditional augmentation using implants, but there is an extended recovery process required to ensure you see the best possible results from your procedure.

    You must first have sufficient fat deposits in another area of the body to use for the augmentation process
    You must be in good physical health
    You must have realistic expectations of what this procedure can do for you


During your consultation for Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Mordkovich will ask you to describe the look you’re hoping to achieve. He will evaluate your current fat supply to determine whether it is sufficient to get you the results you want. You will also be asked for a complete medical history and a record of any medical conditions or medications that might interfere with the safety or results of your procedure.


Yes, Dr. Mordkovich offers non-surgical butt lifts using Sculptra. Sculptra is perfect for those who want a little lift in their backside without surgery, or aren't able to undergo general anesthesia.
The Brazilian butt lift is the ideal surgical procedure for patients that hope to increase the size of their buttocks while gaining shape and proportion to the backside. Adding volume and customizing your shape to fit your needs is based on a variety of variables including your current body measurements and your cultural background. The Brazilian butt lift is a highly customizable procedure that can be adapted to fit every woman’s body proportions and desired results.

Dr. Mordkovich performs Brazilian butt lift under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Before surgery, you will have discussed the details of your procedure so that you know precisely what the process will entail. During the first step of your procedure, Dr. Mordkovich will mark the areas of the body where liposuction will be performed. He will use a small cannula, inserted through a minimal incision, to gently loosen the fat cells and remove them from the body. The harvested fat is run through a centrifuge to filter and purify it. The fat cells are also broken down into the smallest particles possible for the injection process, offering a smooth, curvaceous buttock contour.

Fat is placed into syringes to be placed into the buttocks in a series of injections placed at strategic points to produce a balanced look. This method eliminates the need for incisions or visible scarring on the buttocks after your procedure. It is also a relatively quick and painless treatment, compared to implants or a surgical buttock lift.

As these fat cells are settling into the tissues and assuming their final shape, you will need to dedicate at least two full weeks to your recovery. This time is crucial in ensuring the fat takes in the recipient area, and you can heal in both the areas where fat was taken and where it was injected. Bruising and possible discomfort are common after liposuction. A prescription for pain medication will help to keep you comfortable during those first few days. Once you have fully healed, the results of your buttock lift should be apparent and permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Dr. Mordkovich will provide you with the following instructions to ensure your recovery is as safe and comfortable as possible:
    Avoid heavy lifting or intense activity like workouts that may upset your results
    Wear your compression garment provided by Dr. Mordkovich after surgery
    Maintain clean sutures to avoid infection
    Refrain from placing direct pressure on your buttocks while sitting or lying down for at least 48 hours
    Attend your post-procedure follow up one week later
Once you have fully healed, the results of your buttock lift should be apparent and permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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